British Parliament (Hansard)

1803-2005 | 7.6 million speeches | 1.6 billion words

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The 7,545,101 texts (by nearly 40,000 individual speakers) were created as a corpus by the 2011 JISC Parliamentary Discourse project by Jean Anderson and Marc Alexander. The texts were supplied to this project by Millbank Systems and are used under an OPSI Parliamentary Licence (number P2009000228).

The corpus was enhanced as part of the SAMUELS project, funded by the UK AHRC with the ESRC (grant reference AH/L010062/1). This project director was Dr Marc Alexander, and the other investigators were Jean Anderson, Prof Dawn Archer, Dr Alistair Baron, Prof Mark Davies, Prof Jonathan Hope, Prof Lesley Jeffries, Prof Christian Kay, Dr Paul Rayson, and Dr Brian Walker. Work on the corpus and semantic tagger was also carried out by Dr Fraser Dallachy, Dr Scott Piao, and Stephen Wattam. (For further details on the staff and activities of this project, see its homepage.) The tagging of this project uses the hierarchy of the Historical Thesaurus of English, the largest thesaurus ever created and the only historical thesaurus of any language. The texts and metadata were then processed further by Mark Davies and integrated into the BYU corpus architecture.

Please note that we cannot provide full copies of the texts. You would need to obtain these from the Hansard archive online.